Khenpo Rinpoche Chimed Tsering is a well renowned Buddhist monk with vast compassionate heart and having true dedication to Buddha Dharma. In 2004 having vast determination and pure intention Khen Rinpoche has established "Siddhartha Foundation" which is NGO body and non profitable association in Kathmandu, Nepal. The ultimate purpose of this association is to look after the orphan/poor children from Himalayan regions and facilitate them with proper education/accommodation/healthcare/food. The major prospective of Siddhartha foundation is to educate the orphan/poor children not only in Buddhist philosophy but also to educate them properly in modern subjects too. Thus, Augmenting the ventures auspiciousness, and mark the born of Siddhartha Foundation.

In 2004 H Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche and many Rinpoche's /Tulku's and high dignitaries visited the site and made consecration ceremony, Blessed and naming it Palyul Dongag Shedrup Wosel Norbu Ling.

At present Siddhartha Foundation is running orphan school in a temporary school building in Kathmandu Nepal, which more then 100 orphan children from the Himalayan regions of Tibet/Nepal are having proper education/ accommodation/food/Healthcare in Siddhartha School.

Siddhartha Foundation is focusing on the ongoing project that includes the construction of Monastery & School for orphan's education in Kathmandu Nepal, which is an ultimate noble vision of Khenpo Rinpoche Chimed Tsering.

Let's join hand in hand to make difference and illumine the darkness life of those orphan/poor children of Himalayan regions.

In 2012 Tulku Tashi Rinpoche becomes the new director of Siddhartha Foundation..

Brief Biography of Tulku Tashi Rinpoche
Tulku Tashi Rinpoche was born in Nepal amidst various auspicious sign, Tulku Tashi Rinpoche was recognized as reincarnation of Palyul Khen Rinpoche Dorjee Chang Jamphel Gyatso. He was Recognised by HH Drupwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche in 1990, Prophesized and recommended by HE JhaDral Sangey Dorjee, later HH the Dalai Lama gave him the confirmation blessings.
In 1988 he became ordained and joined the great Nyingmapa institute established by HH the Penor Rinpoche in south India, and started learning Buddhist philosophy and dharma practices under the guidance of HH Pema Norbu Rinpoche, many other great masters and Khen Chen.
Since from his childhood, he showed great ability in reciting & memorizing dharma texts.
In 2007 he successfully completed his PHD in Buddhist philosophy from same institute with appreciation and aspiration for his extraordinary skills and practices that he has performed during his institute life.
In 2009 Tulku Tashi Rinpoche has started his long silence retreat of 3 years & 3 months under the guidance of HH Drupwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche in retreat centre established by HH Penor Rinpoche in the institute.
In the beginning of 2012, Tulku Tashi has successfully completed his 3 years & 3 months long silence retreat on Dzogpa Chenmo Longchen Nyingthig (Natural great perception). This kind of silence retreat has been performed by few practitioners so far. Tulku Tashi is first to complete this kind of silence retreat successfully from his institute so far.
During his 3years & 3months silence retreat, Tulku Tashi Rinpoche has successfully completed a comprehensive training in the all aspects of Chod, having undergone a Six-Module course of 134 hours of theory and practice over a period of several years. He has completed the study and practice of MaChik Lujin, PeGyal Cho, Kusali Tsok, Khandro Kyejang, Dudjom Troma Chod, Nail of the Four Elements and other healing Chod
practices, Tsogley Rinchen Trenwa and a wide range of essential meditative methods
of Kama and Terma Chod, and is entitled to us the term Chopa.
Brief description about Chod: (Chod performance, cutting through is a spiritual path that “cuts through” obstacles, negativity and self-delusion, while relying on Feminine Wisdom energy to purify body, mind and spirit. Combining all the elements of Tibetan Buddhism in a single practice, it brings about a direct experience of one’s inner brilliance and original wisdom. The practice of Chod cultivates fearlessness, certainty and unrelenting compassion, connecting us to our deepest core. The unique combination of sacred song, ritual instruments, visualization and supreme generosity creates a rich tapestry that reweaves our everyday experience and redefines our limited sense of self.
This unique practice is to implement for the benefit of sentient beings in all realms, and for healing of the land, of the sick, of the mind and body, So that all may be liberated in the stainless sky of YumChenmo.)
After completing his 3 years & 3 months silence retreat, he has received empowerments, transmissions and instructions from Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche in northern India. The empowerments & transmissions teachings took place for the duration of more then 3 months.
After completing the long teachings, empowerments & transmission in North India, Tulku Tashi Rinpoche returned back to Nepal. At present Tulku Tashi has been shouldering with great efforts the responsibility of transmitting & propagating the Buddha’s teaching and the teachings he has received from HH Penor Rinpoche, Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche and various great masters, shouldering Khenpo Chimed Rinpoche’s mission, continuing his cause, and looking after Siddhartha foundation school in Nepal.
His previous life Khen Rinpoche Dorjee Chang Jamphel Gyatso was born in kham region in Tibet amidst many auspicious signs. Due to his karmic imprints, he has a great ability to read and write the text from his childhood. He became monk under the guidance of great master Urgyen Dongag Chokyi Nyima, and began his education under the teachings of Mugsang Khen Rinpoche Lerab Dorjee. He was perfected with the teachings of a guide to the bodhisattva way of life. He received many transmission and empowerments from Jamgyon Mipham Rinpoche, Dzogchen khenpo Shengag Rinpoche, khenpo Rinpoche Sochoe, Urgyen Dongag Chokyi Nyima.
He was perfected with many initiations, transmission and empowerments; he then later delivered many initiations, transmission, empowerments and teachings to more then 1000 disciples in Tibet. He was perfected not only with the sutra and tantra teachings, but also in literature & philosophical debate, he compiled many texts on debate and tantra the ‘basket of teachings’.
He was formally enthroned as head for the home of meditative practice centre for many consecutive years. Thereafter he reconstructed the home of meditative practice centre, provided and donated many auspicious and holy articles and objects of offering in many monasteries.
After compiling many noble causes for human kind, he made mahaparinirvana in Pema Weod Tibet, surrounded with many strange and miraculous events during his funeral.