On this small planet, in the daily dreams of our life, beneficial deeds are
always recommended, simply because we are all born to help each other.
By sharing our love with different expressions and through the practice

of generosity, kindness, compassionate, morality and understanding,
we will then be fulfilling our purpose of being members of the human race.

-- His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

How you can help and Make difference.

Orphan children from Tibet & Himalayan regions, now in our Siddhartha School.

Sponsoring a child:

Monk sponsorship is a vast noble way to express our gratitude and sincerity to the Buddha's and Bodhisattvas who are continuously working for our benefit. Supporting the Sangha community in these times sends tremendous blessings to a very weary world. To support the monastic community is to plant seeds of enlightenment for countless beings.

Sponsoring to our orphan / poor students means for each child, The Sponsorship Fund to one child is 20 Euros / 25 $ per month.
This includes Student's education facilities / food / Clothing / Medication and other needed necessities during their education term in school.

Such necessary things are: Note book, Text book, Pen, pencil, Drawing book, Color pen, Monthly food that contains nutrition and vitamins. Monthly medication expenditure, Monk robes, Fine rosary to each child, Inner T-shirt, Slipper, Shoe and socks, sports dress etc...

At present more then 100 orphans children are having proper education / accommodation / food / healthcare in our school and caring with true sincerity and motivation in our heart.

Note: You can sponsor a single or maximum number of students according to your capacity or wish; we heartily welcome any kind of category. Your small help can make big difference and illuminate the darkness life of our orphan/poor children. We heartily request to your generosity to provide continue sponsorship as far as you can in order to maintain our students facility supply.

School Construction Fund:

With great determination and a Vast Pure intention, Khenpo Rinpoche Chimed Tsering has established this NGO association in 2004 under guidance and blessings from HH Pema Norbu Rinpoche (The supreme head of Nyingmapa tradition)

At present Siddhartha Foundation is running school with more then 100 orphan/poor children's in a temporary school building on rent since 5 yrs. However, accommodation is still drastically poor and insufficient for our growing number of students, sanitary facilities are still rudimentary, and there are not enough staff/teachers to keep up with the growing number of students. The financial burden of looking after such a large community is quite considerable and acknowledgeable. School construction is the biggest challenge that we are facing tremendously hard without any kind and effective support so far.
The Aims and objectives of Siddhartha Foundation (Which includes the ongoing project to construct Monastery and School for orphan education) are to provide the proper education and facilitate accommodation/food/healthcare and spiritual support to young children from Tibet & Himalayan regions, we prefer to support a child that doesn't have opportunity to study or disadvantaged in many ways. All of our students are orphan/poor and varified underprivileged. The project of our new school contains various departments such as: Administration dept/Library/Meditation center/Computer dept/translation dept/Publication dept.

Your donations for School construction can make us quick to complete our project as soon as possible and truly support us to fulfill the dreams of many orphans and poor children's.

Note: Please visit our Project Section for detail information about our siddhartha project.

Medical Assistance:

As we have mentioned earlier that More than 50% of the population survives on less than 55 cents a day. Life expectancy is 10 years shorter than in India. Half the children suffer from serious malnutrition, more then 10 children die every hour due to the lack of treatment in Nepal. Acknowledging the importance of medical treatment in order to prevent daily diagnosed flu and emergency first aid treatments in our school is our major prospective targets, but to maintain the monthly expenditure on medicine is the most difficult things that we are facing and lacking to carry the medication on timing and uninterruptedly for our students and locales. Clinic and emergency ward room will be allocate in our new school with more equipped and more medicine. Your donation for medication is needed drastically.

Computer Aid to school:

Human knowledge can't be develop only through books and lectures, but also increases accordingly through various modern techs such as computer and projector which plays big role to educate the people properly in many ways. As far as computer facility in our school is concerned, we are running only with one computer at present at our school, but we are projecting for more 25 computers at minimum to start computer class perfectly in our school. Your donation for computer equipment can be highly acknowledged in order to fulfill the true essence of complete modern education.

Our Social welfare Activities:

Siddhartha foundation is contributing social activities in many poor and underprivileged village in Nepal since 5 years, Siddhartha Association has generated many social contribution at free of cost even without having much fund sources with us, Such contribution's are medical treatment to poor villagers/providing artificial legs to those who have loss their leg by accident or disease/Providing education workshop and social awareness education to the villagers monthly. Thus, Siddhartha marks true and sincere in any kind of project that we holds with dedication. You can also be a part of this noble social welfare activity by funding or volunteering.

Girls Education project:

Traditionally, women have not enjoyed equal access to basic human rights, protections, resources, and educations. Unfortunately, gender inequality and illusion is still present in every society and remains as a huge barrier for the world. The origin of the discrimination is sometimes religion, beliefs, illusions, cultural traditions or political interests. These excuses in some occasions encourage the unequal and discriminatory treatment of women.
Our mission is simple – to enable poor girls of Himalayan region to have a better future through education in different schools. Sponsorship is aimed at the most desperate cases – children who otherwise would have little chance of going to school. All girls are welcomed regardless of age, religion, location, previous education or background. The siddhartha sponsorship covers education-related expenses only. So far we have able to setup sponsors for around 25 poor girls which they are having proper education in different schools. All fees are paid directly to the school administration. Although there is no requirement for academic excellence we expect the girls to study as hard as they can and attend school regularly. Our sponsorship is for regular time but sponsors are independent to withdraw their sponsorship at any time. Your generous help is very precious in order to provide education and gain basic women rights which has been disadvantaged and discriminated hugely.

Association's official Note: Siddhartha Foundation is providing official Association certificate to our sponsors & donors. Please visit our contact section to verify your full details and e-mail id while you process your donation or fund into our bank Account.
Please do contact directly to Siddhartha foundation Nepal or to our international coordinator Centers Section for child sponsorship process or any category of help. We make sure that every single fund will be use for the benefit of our orphan children.

Sincerity is our motivation
Dedication is our inspiration
Hard work is our ambition
Compassion in action is our ultimate goal.
Let's join hand in hand and make difference.

We welcome you to join in this noble cause.
Let's join hand in hand and make difference.

Contact : lisun@voila.fr