HH Dalaï Lama with Khenpo Rinpoché

Recommendation letter of HH Dalai Lama

English translation:

I really appreciate to Yolmo Khenpo Chimed Tsering for having vast faith and dedication to Buddha Dharma and establishing a Monastery and a School named (Palyul Dongag Shedrup Wosel Norbu Ling) According with the guidance of H.H Penor Rinpoche,Near Boudhanath Stupa,Katmandu,Nepal I also appreciate the Sangha community for studying widely and hardly on vast Philosophy of Sutra and Tantra at monastery. The transmission and insight of Buddha Dharma should preserved by the monastery itself and also important to practice it with pure meditation and practice. I believe through this monastery Buddha Dharma flourish and also strive to put their spiritual knowledge into practice not only for oneself but also for the sake of all the sentient beings.
I, the Dalai Lama am calling upon everyone to give possible effort and make this noble project come true.
With prayers for the fulfillment of all his noble wishes.

Shakyan Bikshu Tenzin Gyatso.


HH Penor Rinpoche with Khenpo Rinpoché

Recommendation letter of HH Penor Rinpoche

English translation:

It’s a great pleasure to announce that with pure intention Yolmo Khenpo Chimed Tsering is establishing a monastery and a School named (Palyul Dongag Shedrup Wosel Norbu Ling) near Kathmandu, Nepal.
I pray that the monastery can flourish not only the vast and profound Buddha dharma but also maintain Nyingmapa tradition.
I hope the monastery represents in the development of peace and prosperity not only in this very holy place "Nepal" but also to whole world.
I therefore request everyone to make possible contribution in his noble cause.
I wish him all the luck.

H.H Penor Rinpoche.


Recommendation letter of Kamal Thapa

Recommendation letter of Yonkila Sherpa



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