Nepal is one of the six poorest countries in the world
More than 50% of the population survives on less than 55 cents a day.
Life expectancy is 10 years shorter than in India and other developing countries.
Half the children suffer from serious malnutrition.
More then 10 children die every hour due to the lack of treatment and deficiency of food.
These facts are related to low literacy rates (the lowest in Asia) More than 85% of families are illiterate; Most of the peoples have suffered heavy destruction created from civil crisis and made millions of children's orphaned. The resulting humanitarian crisis has had an enormous impact on schools & societies. As Children's suffers from lack of education system and nutrient food, where's civilian's suffers in order to preserve their culture/Tradition and develop human rights in the country.

The people residing in the Himalayan regions are very low literate and facing hard life to provide proper education to their children and feed their families. Millions of orphan children are still starving for food and lacking need of education in life, paying their hardest of life to survive for the education and hoping for their dreams to come true, and to fulfill the dreams that appeared in the eyes of thousands of orphan/poor children's of Himalayan regions, Khenpo Chimed Tsering Rinpoche has established this non government and non profitable association "Siddhartha Foundation" with having great determination and vast pure intention.
At present Siddhartha Foundation is running school with more then 100 orphan/poor children's in a temporary school building on rent since 5 years.

What we do.
The Aims and objectives of Siddhartha Foundation (Which includes the ongoing project to construct Monastery and a School for orphan's education) are to provide proper education and facilitate them with the best of accommodation/food/ healthcare/ plus spiritual support to the orphan's and poor children from Tibet and the Himalayan regions of Nepal. We are implementing our service and opportunity to absolute orphan/poor children who haven't been to school or abandoned by some unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, Siddhartha school accepts children only that are related to drastically poor and underprivileged family of the Himalayan regions.
The noble aims that siddhartha holds with more prospective and values are not only to educate orphan/poor children with modern subjects and other activities, but shaping importantly to educate young children about the everlasting and universal messages of love, kindness and compassion given by the great teacher Lord Buddha 2500 yrs ago. We are helping them about recognizing undesired suffering and abandoning the cause of suffering, and recognizing desired happiness and engaging in practice of the cause of happiness. It is thus, to be recognized as potency of engaging in desirable actions and avoiding undesirable actions, Also develop to be recognized as pursuit of a complete set of instructions on principles of truth, loving, kindness, compassion, altruism and the noble spirit of universal responsibility, based on "Dependent Origination" as the view and "Non-violence" as the conduct, With this perspective, the main reason for establishing this association is to uphold the priceless teachings of Lord Buddha through the outer activities of teachings, debate and composition as well as the inner activities of listening, contemplation and meditation. The noble aims and tremendous efforts of the association members and students have enabled the School to develop into prestigious seat of learning and practice loving and kindness.

Your kind help and generosity is impatiently needed to educate those innocent orphans' and importantly to preserve the religious and culture heritage of Tibet.
May Peace Prevail in this world.


Eligibility of new candidates for the school should meet with few requirements in order to join the school.

This is a Buddhist education center and therefore all residential students are monks. Every candidate must be a celibate monk, or must be independently willing to be ordained in order to join the school.
Every individual must be orphan or must be verified underprivileged. (Siddhartha office contacts to representative of every belonging village in order to enquiry about the actual family position of the child, Official visit to village can be made if required)
The candidate must desire and aim to undertake the complete 10-year course and graduate from the institute.
The candidate must be able to follow all the necessary rules and regulations of the school.
The candidate must be willing to carry out mandatory homework/class work or any necessary task imposed by the faculty and administration.
Every candidate must be available with the copy of citizenship/passport or any identification/ and Telephone no: of any family members/relatives or guardians during admission in the school.(in order to contact them in necessary)
We accept only orphan/poor who haven't seen school or never been to school, so previous academic report or previous school certificate doesn't really matters. We prefer to bring with new hope and give meaning to their dark & ordinary life with compassion in action.

Our Courses.

The students receive extensive training on traditional philosophical subjects. At present our students have the opportunity to study vastly on Buddhist Philosophy and modern subjects such as:
Academic Courses are: Tibetan Language (Tibetan grammar "Thirty Verses"), English Language (English grammar and composition), Nepali Language & grammar, Sports period, Computer Education, General knowledge, History of world. Tibetan Thangka Art. Monthly quiz competition.
Monastic Courses are: Introduction to Buddhist philosophy, Bodhisattvacharyavatara (engaging in the conducts of Bodhisattva).Study about sutra and tantra. Courses on meditation (Morning and evening).Its commentary (Norbui Trengwa "Rosary of Gems").Mula Sarvastivadin Sramanera Karika (Verses on the percepts of novice).Domsum Namnge (Ascertaining the three Vows).madhyamalankara Karika (The ornament of the middle way).Khepai Tsulla Jugpai Go (Gateway to the ways of the wise).
Where rituals subjects such as: Torma making, Daily chanting, and ritual dance are taught and tantric texts are studied. Additionally the monks assemble twice a day for prayers dedicated to the well-being and happiness of all sentient beings and our supporters.
In addition to the teachings of Buddhist philosophy and modern subjects prescribed for the courses by the administrative board, outside scholars and teachers are occasionally invited in order to further develop the student's education standard.

Main Annual Religious Events

What Puja Means.
A Puja is a united call in which prayers are offered to the Buddha and all the positive deities to request their blessings or invoke their help. Pujas are performed to avert and clear the three types of obstacles, conditions which prevent us from achieving our worldly and spiritual goals.  By making extensive prayers and offerings with sincere motivation, unfavorable circumstances that bring problems can be changed. It is said that prayers performed by ordained ones are especially powerful and effective as they are done on the base of pure morality and attitude.
Big Prayer for great Buddha: Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti is the most sacred day in the Buddhist calendar. The most important festival of the Buddhists, Buddha Purnima falls on the full moon day of the lunar month Vaishaaka (that corresponds to the month of April-May-June) - a special time in Buddhism as it was on this day that the Buddha was born, gained enlightenment and attained Nirvana when he died. To mark the occasion on every Vaishakh Purnima, we are conducting big Puja for the pure and profound dharma of Buddha to flourish in all the directions and develop peace and love throughout these six realms, in order to gain salvation for all the sentient beings.
Big Puja for Guru Padmasambhava and Great Dakini's": This prayer is conducting regularly on every tenth day and twenty fifth day of the Tibetan calendar (According to Tibetan Calendar).
H. Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama's birth day: HH birth day marks most important day not only for the Tibetans and Buddhist communities but also for whole universe, on this very auspicious day to commemorate Puja for this holy being "Ocean of wisdom "as earthly incarnation of Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of compassion. The monks and staffs gather in prayer hall to pray for the Long, happy and blissful life of H. Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
Anniversary of Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche: Conducting Prayer every year on 29th day of the fourth Tibetan Month, Marking the anniversary of the great Nyingmapa master Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche.
Anniversary of Longchen Rabjampa : Prayer ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the great Nyingma Master Longchen Rabjampa, conducting every year on the 18th day of the twelfth Month according to Tibetan calendar.
Daily Prayer & Chanting: The total number of our monks gathers every morning and evening for one hour in prayer hall of the school, conducting prayers for the wellbeing's and benefits of all the sentient beings, and for the healthy/long and prosperity life of our supporters.

Exchange/letter desk.
Sponsorship holder Student will write letter regarding their studies and life in school to their Sponsors every after six months. We will send picture of a child and his curriculum activities report to sponsors in the duration of one-year which will effect soon after the completion of our annual exam. Our sponsors can write back to their sponsorship holder child at any time through our student's letterbox e-mail id given below:-
Every year siddhartha organize exchange program with foreign students, where siddhartha provide opportunity for our guest to learn about Tibetan language and know about Tibetan Buddhism, culture and tradition.
At present we have established with French school to exchange programmed in 2007/2008/2009 which was concluded successfully.
Whereas exchange programmed with other school and monastery is always holding with great anticipation and sincerity.
Our student's letter box id: (Pls send letter to your sponsorship holder child through this student's letter box e-mail id)

Holy Nepal valley excursion/pilgrimage.
Siddhartha organize excursion and pilgrimage every year to the most exquisite and holy places of Nepal with our sponsors.

Please visit our Project section / Help section for more information about our cause.